2014-07-02 Cedar Point

On the last weekend of June I joined Cat's family for a trip to Cedar Point. Catherine, her brother Matt, Matt's girlfriend Mal, and I drove east from Chicago while her mother Ann, her sister Liz and Liz's friend Aurora, drove west from Rochester. We arrived at almost the same time in lovely Sandusky Ohio, where Catherine had booked us a cabin on the grounds of the amusement park.

Cedar Point claimed (continuously, on... more->

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2013-09-17 FIFA: Enemy Unknown

I assume that no one is reading this anymore, as I'm been doing all of my 'blogging on G+ for the past several years. That's not really a great platform, though, for a number of reasons.

Then again, this is a super-rickety structure that I built myself, while standing on it (so to speak), so it's not great either.

Anyway, you might be interested in this project I'm doing on Blogger: FIFA: Enemy Unknownmore->

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2011-11-10 Teen Crack Whores .com

Once upon a time, I worked as a web developer for a company in NYC (good old Learning Worlds!). Oftentimes I would need a theoretic example of an archetypal "bad website". You know, like, "we have to check for that, otherwise hackers will just break in and redirect it to 'teencrackwhores.com' and we wouldn't want that!"

One day, November 9th, 2001, to be precise, I actually went to teencrackwhores.com and, to my shock no one had registered it! Well, naturally I signed up for it, star... more->

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2011-09-29 The Temple

The Temple

This year there were two Temples at burning man. The big Temple, as always, was... more->
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2011-09-26 They tricked me! (:

One goal that I always have at Burning Man is to avoid being too pervy. Which is to say, there are a lot of pretty woman and a lot of good looking guys, and they aren’t always wearing a lot of clothing... but it's pretty important to remember that... more->

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2011-09-26 The Man, 2011

The Man means different things to different people, of course,... more->

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2011-09-26 Black Rock City Memories

Instead of attempting to write another long essay about Burning Man, I thought I'd write a series of smaller posts about particularly treasured memories from 2011. I also noticed that I had ninety or so photographs, and it seemed kinder to split them up then to simply dump them all here at once.

So far, I've written about:

2011-08-17 Financial Milestones!

Holy crap! I just updated my old Financial Milestones page from way back when, and it turns out that I have (with a lot of help from others, to be sure!) paid off ten thousand dollars since 2005. Not counting student loan payments, by the way--this is just straight up credit card and personal debt!

That is a non-trivial amount of money! It has often seemed like I wasn't making any progress at a... more->

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2011-05-25 GUITAR WOLF!!!!!

The doors opened at 11:00pm, and the opening bands finally finished around midnight. Cat and I got there just in time for Guitar Wolf, simultaneously astonished and nervous about arriving at a rock show so late on a Thursday night.

Guitar Wolf, of course, is the band that invented Jet Rock* back in '87, and are still more or less the only ones that play it. It's basically Ramones-style punk crossed with Boredoms-style noise, with... more->

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2011-05-10 St. Christopher and the Quest for the Alpha Dog

Saint Christopher was a totally incredible badass. He's not a Roman Catholic saint anymore, since he got Mysterii Paschalised back in '69, but he's still totally legit with the Orthodox, and for good reason. He's the saint of travelers, and ferrymen, and total badasses everywhere.

He didn't always go by "Christopher", of course. For most of his life his name was literally Wicked: Reprebus. He was a Marmaritaen, which of course means that instead of a human face, he had the ... more->

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