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From Benjamin and Katya
Location The House of Lords
1420 W. Lunt #205,Chicago,IL View Map
When Saturday, April 2, 8:00pm -
Sunday, April 3, 12:00pm
Phone 773-209-2241
"It was agreed that drinking was not to be the order of the day, but that they were all to drink only so much as they pleased.

Then, said Eryximachus, as you are all agreed that drinking is to be voluntary, and that there is to be no compulsion, I move, in the next place, that the flute-girl, who has just made her appearance, be told to go away and play to herself... To-day let us have conversation instead."

That's right, Katya and Benjamin invite you to a night of quiet conversation and contemplation. Each guest should bring a bottle of wine, but will not be required to finish it alone.

The topic of converstation may fluctuate wildly, but should have a firm beginning. In honor of the more famous of the symposia, I propose that we should start with a discussion of Love. Please note that there is no restriction that this be "romantic" love or "erotic" love, we should discuss love in all its forms.

Please indicate whether you will be prepared to speak for two to five minutes, setting forth your understanding of this complex matter, and triggering further discourse. If you're in the dark about what we're looking for, my man Plato has a great description of the ideal party:
http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/1600 .

So, to be clear: Everyone shows up at my house. Many people bring wine. Those who want to, they drink wine. Those who want to, they perform, read, recite or declaim a short speech about the nature of Love. You have a month and a half, give it some thought. Everyone discusses. Everyone who wants drinks some more. By three or four we will have figured it all out, and everyone is welcome to sleep on the couch, the air mattress, and floor, but _not the cats_.

Anyone who wants to stay up all night and finish the rest of the wine (like my hero, Socrates) is also welcome to do that.

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On Board
  • Benjamin and Katya (The Organizer)
  • Dean Jens   (03/30)
    I'll come late, but I'm looking forward to it. I may bring a guest; that's not yet clear.
  • Adam Safon (+ 1 guest) (03/29)
  • Jonathan Cohen (03/9)
    bob gibson said to tim mccarver, "the only thing you know about pitching is that you can't hit it."
  • Iradia (03/2)
  • Becca epstein (02/12)
  • Susanne Sklar (02/12)
    Alas. I shall be among the Oxen at the Ford as you dwell in Beauty. But I will materialise in your bio-region around April 8th. Alas. SWEET JOY BEFALL THEE!
On the Fence
  • Mark Sharp (04/1)
    I have a preview that night in Evanston so I will try to make it there. I'll be late.
On the way out
  • rebecca.sundin (+ 1 guest) (04/1)
    Hi Benjamin and Katya, Unfortunately, we can't make it this weekend. My grandmother passed away last Saturday and her memorial service is tomorrow. Sorry for the late notice. Talk to you soon, Rebecca
  • Jake Tipre (04/1)
  • Susan Tipre (04/1)
  • Tony Yelk (04/1)
    Hello Everyone, Unfortunately, due to a recent death in our family, Rebecca and I will not be able to make it. Take care everyone, Tony
  • Amber Bloomfield (04/1)
    I'm pretty sure I'll still be working on this grant proposal thing tomorrow, so I really shouldn't. Sounds like a lot of fun, though!
  • Matt Bourque (02/15)
    I'll be out of town that weekend. Too bad, as I would really appreciate a party without that damn flute-girl tooting away so you can hardly think straight!
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