My New Boots

Way back in 2001 or so, I bought a pair of New Rock knee-length flame boots (like this, but without the heel) for $250. At the time, that seemed to be a pretty steep price and, admittedly, they started falling apart within a few months. By the time I got to Chicago in late 2002, they were quite literally held together with tie-line (I\'d replaced the zippers twice before giving up and using string).

So, probably not worth $250. And yet, ever since then the boots I\'ve owned have been going more or less straight down hill--those New Rocks set a very high standard, and I\'ve never really worn anything that was quite as awesome. What\'s more, I\'ve never been able to force myself to wear pedestrian boots, although it\'s been getting hard and harder. I just can\'t make myself spend so much on an article of clothing that I wear every day and also hate.

I got lucky with my last pair of boots, although they weren\'t as cool as the previous pair. They died a month or so ago (they split open right at the edge of the steel toe) and I found that the price had jumped dramatically. What to do? Buy boring boots, the kind I couldn\'t stand to wear:

and then mod them myself! I\'m pretty happy with the way they turned out. The bottles on the top of the left boot are the ones I was so happy about the other day, and the straps holding them in place are made from the buckles on my last boots and strips of leather cut from the boots before that!

The \"silver bullets\" on the left boot are from a bracelet that I bought at the Alley. Almost all of the decoration is buckled on, which means that if I get bored it will be easy to change things out (or, you know, if I ever want to take these onto an airplane).