Advent Children

I just found out (via Penny Arcade) that Square-Enix (didn't they go out of business?) is making a sequel to Final Fantasy VII, called Advent Children. I'll admit that making a sequel to a game that is already the nominal sixth sequel to "Final Fantasy" is more than a little odd, but really the FF games have never had very much in common with each other. Also, of course, Advent Children is a movie, and FF VII was a video game, so that is also odd. Here's the site with the gossip about it, but it was having a lot of trouble loading, earlier.

As I understand it, the other Final Fantasy movie, Spirits Within was a true spiritual successor to the FF games: none of the characters had anything to do with any of the previous games, the plot made little sense, and the whole thing was mystical and beautiful. That didn't work out very well, really.

This movie seems to be a more traditional sequel, picking up where the story left off and following hte same characters. Including Sephiroth. Now, bear in mind that I have never in my life played a Final Fantasy game, except for taking my turn on the Snowboarding mini-game in VII. However this certainly does not prevent me from drooling over Sephiroth, as I spent hours and hours watching people (notably Winter Quisgard) play the game at college. We would all get together, in a group, to watch someone play Final Fantasy VII--that's how cool the game was, and that's why I'm so excited about the upcoming sequel.

Quotes like this don't blunt my enthusiam, either:
The first 40 minutes or so were used to lay out the plot and to develop a few characters. The last remaining half of the movie is all action, non-stop, rushing camera movements, spinning and rotating like crazy, yet still manages to keep you on a fresh ride. Fight choreography that's never been seen or done before. My god it was just off the hook. From a chase scene, to a three on one fight scene, to a big brawl, to a monster attacking a city sequence, to another chase scene, and then another fight scene that leads to an even bigger fight scene afterwards. When you thought it was over things just kept getting crazier and crazier by the minute until the film settles down and Nomura brings us to a tearful closure, very open ended yet very satisfying.

Besides, Sephiroth is just hot. He's like the Witch King of Angmar, but with a personality to go with the body!