Roger Ebert, Literary Philosopher
One of my big questions in art boils down to, "Why can't things be nice?". I have a strong intuition that it's a bad idea for art to only be about rabbits and happy kittens, but I haven't yet quite understood why tradgedy and loss are necessary. Well, I have some ideas about it, but what I'm really unsure about is whether I, personally, need to make use of it in my art.

My friend Gareth tells me that art is like medicine, and it is dangerous to take too much, or to try someone else's prescription. Some people live in the suburbs, and they are blind to reality, and maybe those people really need to see Requiem for a Dream. However, a steady diet of Lars von Trier might be drastically unhealthy for them.

Anyway, Roger Ebert recently reviewed a movie called Chaos. He didn't like it. At all. But then the director and the producer of the movie wrote him a letter, challenging that he preferred movies that were "[t]ame and sanitized". He wrote them an interesting, open letter that explains his stance on this subject. I like Roger Ebert.