Rage Against the Machine
Did I ever tell you about my 14th level wizard who wrote a song about how much he hated French playwrights? It was called "Mage against the Racine"! Ha! Did you smoke that one? Ha! Did you?

At any rate, I was just struck this morning, while at the gym, by how much I really like Rage Against the Machine. They have catchy, kick-ass dionysian music that I can totally lose myself in. Then the song ends and I look up, and feel great, and realize that I've been jogging along at 180 strides per minute for six minutes, and everything is going well.

Even more importantly, however, I feel that I can really trust Rage Against the Machine. I had an interesting experience a year ago, listening to Eminem. For the better part of the day I had these lyrics stuck in my head, and I'd find myself singing them under my breath. It's a very catchy tune, as well. I couldn't get it out of my head, yet at the same time the chorus (actually, this page calls it the "prechorus") is so antithetical to what I stand for, and the whole song is so emotionally vile, that I ended up writing my own lyrics so that I could try to repeat those, instead. It was something about kittens, and how you couldn't tell them "no".

That's one of the main reasons that I really dislike Eminem as an artist. He's extremely talented, enough that he can make me repeat the phrase "Bitches, they come, they go" over and over, like a mantra, and yet I don't think he fully endorses that sentiment. He'd probably say that it was an expression of how he felt at the time, not how he wants people to feel (the song expresses disillusionment about love after a nasty breakup)... which is fair, except that as an artist he has a responsibility to Truth--it's a pity that he felt that way, once, but that doesn't justify his claim that it's the way the world works.

At any rate, Rage Against the Machine would never do that to me. The worst might be that I'd find myself chanting "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me", and (especially with the current Administration) that's not such a bad sentiment at all.