The Alchemist. My birthday. &c.
I was writing about this book, The Alchemist, but my brain froze and I'm not sure what I wrote. All of a sudden, I can scarcely think. Maybe time for lunch? At any rate, I liked it a good deal.

Speaking of books, I got a lot of really cool stuff for my birthday:
  • A really handsome translation of Ovid's Metamorphisis, that I haven't had time to really go through yet. Very pretty book with its own box, &c, and translations by Pope, among others.
  • All of the Aubrey / Maturin book by Patrick O'brien. Including the half-finished 21st novel. WooT!
  • A very cool book containing two Dumas novels, both (I think) in the Marie Antoinette series. I'll be reading this as soon as I finish the fourth O'Brien novel.
  • A gift certificate for Amazon from my boss. $250...
I was more than a little floored by this last item. I have no idea how to deal with this sort of thing and the last time it happened (a $500 Christmas bonus at Chicago Spotlight) I seriously considered refusing it. I can't stand feeling indebted, especially to people I don't like (such as Marty, at Chicago Spotlight).

In this case, however, there were no sticky moral points. I really like Dedre a lot, and I already consider myself to be indebted to her. No trouble at all to become slightly more indebted. And I certainly won't mind spending the money! So far I've bought a bunch of sheet music (The Essential Black Sabbath, The Deluxe Queen Anthology) in the hopes of becoming a Rock Star someday. I also bought a CD with the "largest collection of violin methods and studies in history". It claimed to be a digital library of classical sheet music. We shall see.