Terrorism and Clowns

First of all, I think the message, and the aesthetic, in the above picture is awesome. (For the record, the above picture should involve a clow insurgent, and anti-pop star graffiti. Don't want to upload and then endorse the wrong pic...)

I was thinking about the different methods of the Clown Insurgent Rebal Army and al-Qaeda (Who killed hundreds of civillians in a bombing in London this morning). It seems unlikely to me that CIRCA will get anything to change with its methodology, but al-Qaeda is surely going backwards at an incredible pace. Clowns may be inneffective, but it's hard to see how much good has come to the Middle East recently due to the bombings / death, and certainly none of the good that has come seems in line with te goals of al-Qaeda.

Which line of though led me to realize that I have _no_ idea what the goals of al-Qaeda are. I don't know their stated goals, I don't know their secret goals, nothing. The stated goals of Hamas, for example, include patently unreasonable things, like the destruction of Isreal. The stated goals of the G8, are all about Peace and Love. My cousin, who is Politically Savvy, tells me that al-Qaeda is more like the G8 than it is like Hamas, or something. Now I'm all sorts of confused.

He tells me that I should read this book, and I agree.