I don't seem to have too much time to write about Things of late--I'm too busy playing with the Earth. At any rate, sometime I'll add my voice to the millions of screaming fangirls who conclude that Firefly is ohmygodtehshit! and maybe explain why it's so good.

Even though Mal reminds me all to strongly of my former fencing coach, about whom I am deeply ambivilant.

My point in writing this, however, was to warn anyone who might not yet have seen all of the episodes but plans to become a die-hard fan. Even as far up as episode 10, the Serenity preview still contained spoilers.

I'd understand if they included things that you didn't know just from watching the pilot or something, but to have seen ten out of fourteen episodes and still see plot points for the first time in a preview kinda sucks.

Not that it's a big deal, but every time I realize that I might have sucked in my breath and thought, "Holy shit!!!", but instead am thinking, "Ah, here's that part where they do that" it's a tiny little loss to the world.

Like Gandalf, in the Two Towers preview. If you hadn't read the books, you shouldn't have been seeing the movie... but for those that did anyway, it might have been nice to keep the "But I thought he was dead!" moment, instead of including it in every trailer.

And don't get me started on the double-bladed light saber / Darth Maul's big entrance--probably the single coolest moment in the entire three movies, ruined in a preview. Well, if not ruined, then at least severly dampened.

Why do directors _do_ that? I mean, Lucas most likely has Aspergers, and also ruins Christmas for orphans, but why did Joss Whedon stand for it?