The Problem of Pronouns
I got the Uber-Phone, but I'm waiting until the web stuff is enabled so my first real post about it can be made from it. In the meantime:

I've often wondered how to deal with gender-queer folk and pronouns. Ok, I obsessivly worry about it every day. At any rate, one technique that I've heard of, but never tried, is simply to switch pronouns at every opportunity. The end result, I find, is not as confusing as I feard. For me, at least, it simple drives home the point that they are completely arbitrary... I found myself skipping them as near-meaningless signifiers. Probably still too confusing for formal documents, however. I'll take the liberty of posting from Katya Lysanders livejournal:

"Raised by forest owls until he came across a band of gypsies at the age of 12, Katya Lysander soon taught herself the intricacies of Rroma culture, picking up a handful of European languages as his peripatetic adoptive family bounced across the continent.
Having tasted the delicacies of Paris for the last time, he stowed away on a canoe bound for London with a cargo of illegally-imported pomegranates.
After a brief audience with the Queen, she decided to make his fortune in the New World, and has been living the life of a mild-mannered research assistant ever since.
He dreams of one day uniting her passions for language, obscure dance forms, madrigal singing, and cardamom in an anthropology thesis to end all anthropology theses."