Debt Fun!
I just paid my bills again, I get such a kick out of that! Every two weeks I am reminded that I have a job, and I can pay everyone what they ask for, and still have money left! I always feel a little ecstatic after paying bills... checking off every column as "paid", doing little calculations, comparing money spent this month to money spent last...

There were so many months recently where I just picked some bills at random and paid them, because I didn't have close to enough money for all of them, that it really, no kidding, makes me happy.

Anyway, here are some fun calculations I made while paying my bills today:

  • Counting only money that I am repaying to someone who has leant it to me (i.e., credit card bills, friends, the IRS) I pay $495.00 every month. This does not include a lot of student loan bills that my mother is still paying for me(thank you!).
  • Some of these will go away in a matter of months (like the dishwasher), but at the current rate, I'm paying $5,940 a year.
  • If I decided to pay this debt in pennies, that would be a stack almost half a mile high, every year! That's a lot of pennies!
  • If I paid people back a dollar at a time, taking only fifteen seconds to hand my creditors each dollar, it would take me just over twenty-four hours to pay them for the year!
  • If I instead used that money to buy copies of the Magic: The Gathering card "Moat", I could lay them end-to-end making a thirty-five foot long pathway of expensive (buy not very interesting) trading cards.

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