Site may look crappy for a while...
So when I first put this together I stole all of the css, not to mention the design itself, from Blogger. In other words, I slapped in a whole bunch of crap that I didn't even try to understand with the idea that once it was all working I'd go bak in and fix it up.

Six months later, the time has come. I managed to fix up the comments section, but I still have to do that main page and the side bar... and when I start on the side bar, it will look mighty funky (ok, broken) on the main page.

However, at the end of it all I'll have nice, clean css that I understand completely. I'll be able to change the style at will. More importantly, it will work perfectly under IE (I'm testing it in IE this time). If you use a civilized browser, like FireFox, you might never have noticed it, but in IE it isn't possible to post comments here. Ooops! Poor Jason Eberhardt, this is for you. Although with any luck, you've switched to Firefox as well.