Tech Week
No entries because Tech Week at Triton. As usual I'm pessimistic about my lighting, and convinced that this time they'll fire me. As of last night, though, things looked pretty ok and the director was kind.

The last show was kind of close to Art--you can quibble about the quality, but clearly I was communicating something--but this show is much more about Utility. And maybe utility can be art if you're talking about pottery or something, but I'm dissapointed that my lighting design merely serves to illuminate the actors. Not entirely my fault, as it requires all of our dimmers, all of our fixtures and more than our lighting board just to do that much, but still. This should could be really cool.

Still, by October (the next show) I really hope that we'll have twice as many dimmers and a new board. I think it will be a whole new theatre, and we're talking about doing some very technically challenging things, like Dracula! Also Neil Simon, but them's the breaks.