Ultra-Rare Nathan Hall Bootleg

My friend Nathan is a really awesome musician. His band (modestly titled \"The Nathan Hall Band\") calls their sound \"new wave rockabilly\", which is actually totally appropriate. He just called me (at work) to tell me that they have a new myspace page, so good for them. That reminded me that I\'d meant to post this ultra-rare bootleg for a while now.

See, I have Google Voice, and if you leave me a voice mail (help yourself, 773 442-2278) Google will attempt to transcribe it, and send it to me as a text message. So Nathan called once about... about god knows what, really, and Google did not succeed at the transcription. It was a total, incoherent mess (punctuation added by me):

Yo, Doug next week,

But I fully Gotta gotta be as intended

To be pretty strong.

I wanted to all intensive purposes!

Be the greeting!

So this is max million times!

So I used an online tool (also made by Google, as it happens) to translate it into Albanian, and then back into English, and emailed it to Nathan. And then he called back and sung it to me.

And now I give you Nathan Hall, singing \"Yo, Doug next week\":

Oh, actually the quoted text above is the English-Albanian-English translation. Google did a little better than that with the initial transcription.