The Book Man

Just met a guy who has a really cool business model. He roams around college campuses with a bar-code scanner and a huge database of book prices, and pays cash on the spot for anything he can find. It\'s almost certainly illegal (or at least against University policy) but he\'s so small potatoes that I doubt anyone would care.

The key thing is that he seems to specialize in crazy out-of-date crap (although I\'m sure he\'d take anything) that no one wants. Professors, however, have this stuff in giant piles taking up space in their office. So he spends a few minutes scanning a massive pile of three-year-old textbook review copies, and pays the professor. They\'re probably only worth a couple bucks a piece, so he only pays the professor fifty cents. But the key is, if most professors are like the ones I know, they\'d be willing to pay him to take the old books away.

I\'d imagine that he must make four or five bucks per stop, which is probably like $30/hour. It\'s like Cash4Gold, except with trash.

But where he really makes his money is stealing laptops.