Nothing Lasts Forever

Wow. I should be writing up my Burning Man memories or, more to the point, doing the work for which I am paid here at NU*. But instead I\'m learning about this amazing film, Nothing Lasts Forever (fan trailer).

It was made in 1984, and its cast includes Dan Ackroyd, Bill Murry, and Mort Sahl. It would have included Belushi, but he died six weeks before filming. It\'s the story of a hopeful artist, who is unsure of what to do with his life. He falls in love with a beautiful woman, and then discovers that all the main cities in the world are secretly controlled by the homeless populations therein. At this point, the homeless folk send him on a mission to drive a bus to the moon, which he does.

The movie made extensive use of clips from old black and white movies in order to cheaply set the tone, and apparently they were not as diligent with copyright as they should have been--the speculation is that for this reason the movie has yet to be released on home video.

Most perplexing of all to me is the fate of the stars, Zach Galligan and (maybe?) Apollonia van Ravenstein. I\'m not sure if she\'s the \"beautiful woman\" mentioned in the synopsis, but if so she was launched into a career spanning an additional movie, 12 years later--a Dutch farce intended for the American gross-out audience. Not that she\'s not cool, regardless--even aside from her name, she\'s apparently also a successful lawyer, and appeared in the first Dutch Penthouse. So, that\'s something.

Galligan did a little better, appearing in Legion of the Dead and Jewslim. But still, you\'d think that having the lead role amongst a cast like that would\'ve counted for a bit more...

The other possibility for \"beautiful woman\" is Lauren Tom, who has done a bit better for herself but is almost exclusively a voice actor these days. It\'s like this movie that the Greatest thing they\'ve ever done, and no one has ever seen it.

I mean, I don\'t know, I haven\'t seen it either, who am I to judge? But it looks very dreamy and surreal, and kind of wonderful.

*Or, at the very least, trying to figure out what Burton\'s translation of the Kama Sutra can tell me in relation to the de-fetishization of the nude body that I experienced at burning man. (I think it involves hickies).