Holy crap!?

Holy crap, I\'m going to Burning Man!!!!!

Today I\'m taking a cab to the Metra, the Metra to Amtrak, the Amtrak to Milwaukee, and then tomorrow morning bright and early I\'m helping to drive a huge Truck to the Black Rock Desert, in Nevada!!!!!

Then on the 8th I\'m helping to drive it back. Perhaps I\'ll arrive in Milwaukee on the evening of the 9th, take the train back to Chicago, and meet Cat at the airport the next day to fly to Fuzzy and Dante\'s wedding in Maine.

It is also possible that they will drop me off at the airport on the morning of the 10th, and I\'ll literally go straight from Nevada to Maine, and from Burning Man to a wedding. We shall see--wish me luck!!!

\'Burning Man\' was an answer on Cash Cab just last night! Have a blast!
Db cubed2009-08-30
See you there tomorrow!