Metafilter for the win.

Y\'all gather \'round from far and near,
Both city folk and rural,
And listen while I tell you this:
The pronoun y\'all is plural.
If I should utter, \"Y\'all come down,
Or we-all shall be lonely,\"
I mean at least a couple folks,
And not one person only.
If I should say to Hiram Jones,
\"I think that y\'all are lazy,\"
Or \"Will y\'all let me use y\'all\'s knife?\"
He\'d think that I was crazy.
Don\'t think I mean to criticize
Or that I\'m full of gall,
But when we speak of one alone,
We all say \"you,\" not \"y\'all.\"

posted by katemonster at 11:34 AM on August 10