Time Travel Re-Post from Metafilter

Awesome suggestion from painquale, on metafilter:

Why can\'t Hollywood come up with a time travel movie that is consistent and has smart characters? It\'s not that hard, and it can lead to some pretty cool ideas. Here\'s one: it\'s a neat feature of time travel that if you go into the past and try to kill your past self, you will fail. Your past self is invincible. Someone who knows how time travel works could exploit that! Imagine in the future that aliens or robots or vegetables or something are taking over. Humanity needs a hero! So someone goes into the past, grabs their previous self, and brings them to the future. Now humanity has a hero who cannot die. He\'s temporally immortal! And in a neat way. It\'s not like he\'s bulletproof or anything. He\'s a normal guy... he just can\'t die. Try to kill him, and some crazy Rube Goldberg, Final Destination-like chain of events will save his life.

There are all sorts of movies that can be made from that core idea. I want someone to make one.

posted by painquale at 9:28 PM on July 30

The thread also contains this useful clarification: Superman did not reverse the rotation of the earth. He went faster than the speed of light and traveled backwards in time.
So, this reasoning (implicit) that says it\'s reasonable for future things not to be able to kill your past self? I think probably it also might imply your past self can\'t be affected in any way by future things. Sorry, I guess I just have something against all travel-back-in-time plots. I doubt it can be done in a way that is \"consistent.\"