Saturday: Zombies, Beer, Circus, Rock and Cat

Woke up next to Cat, always a great start to any day, and raced home to take part in Group Gardening Day, helping weed the church grounds. A breathtakingly beautiful day for weeding, as it happened.

I then spent several hours reading Neil Gaiman\'s Batman comic and the latest issue of Coilhouse magazine, both of which were extraordinary. Then I played around with my phone for a while (frickin\' Robo Defense--I\'m addicted to Tower Defense games like heroin.).

It was the first time I\'d had to myself in a while, and it was really nice. I topped it off by setting up some drum beats, a looping myself on the bass, trying to jam on the guitar over it. Well, I thought it sounded good, and there wasn\'t anyone else around!

All in all, a really great day. But it doesn\'t end there!

Around six I met up with Cat, and we went down to the warehouse district to see Environmental Encroachment\'s Burning Man fundraiser. They had a yard sale and a bake sale, and played a short (entirely awesome) concert.

Next stop was Wicker Park Fest, where we waded through a densely packed crowd of hipsters as the transcendental bass beat through. Eventually we found our goal: the Michael Jackson Memorial Thriller Zombie March.

One fellow in a recumbent bicycle with great speakers on the back led a shitton of people covered in gore and zombie makeup down Damen while blasting the album in question. There must have been some three hundred people, counting all the folks (like us) who may not have technically been a part of the march proper, but who were certainly walking down the middle of damen, blocking traffic.

After walking half a mile, the march took a left and went down the middle of Division. Still bringing all traffic to a dead halt. People we remarkably cool about it, actually, cheering and asking to take photos. Some people were honking, but it seemed to be of a celebritory nature.

I ended the night at the Goose Island Pub, where Cat bought me a Red Bull (sorely needed) and a coupke pints of their fantastic Matilde--better than I remembered (slightly more sweet).

We were there to see her brother\'s band, Buckman Page, whom I had only ever heard before at Phyllis\'s. The last time I\'d heard them I thought they were ok, but the sound system kind of made thwem sound like crap. They sounded much better at Goose Island, and we had a great time.

And to top it off, here I am on the bus home, typing this all into my new phone! All in all, what a truely fantastic day!

Update: And now I\'m entering it all in my new \'blog layout, with Advanced Editing Features and Extra Win!

you're escaping your img links a little bit too aggressively, and all of them are broken.
I am also sad to say I can't see the images. That's so awesome you can do this from your phone, though.
I am now happy to say that I can bask in your images in this glorious new rust-astic format.
I am now happy to say that I can bask in your images in this glorious new rust-astic format.
I am now happy to say that I can bask in your images in this glorious new rust-astic format as many times as I want, apparently.