New Site Design

Ok, screw it, I designed this all new site (full of AJAX and what-not) about a year ago, but it needed a lot more work to get it compliant with Internet Explorer. Well screw those guys! If YouTube is dropping support for IE6, then I can drop support for IE7. Especially since I don\'t think very many people actually read my \'blog, IE or no.

So, yeah, as of now anything that is IE 7 or below will go to the old site, which I\'ll probably never look at again, and everyone else will go here. And probably this will mean that my \'blog is completely broken. I think everything works, but I have no idea. Please send me an email or something or my \'blog utterly fails to work for you. (:

Am not a fan of entries getting cut off in the rss feed / front page.