Well, the transition to my new phone and phone plan has gone swimmingly, and I am now even more accessible than before--I've been horrifying my friends my gChatting while biking to work.

For my father, it has gone the other way--apparently his phone didn't make the switch, or something. Calling him yields only the "Please leave a message after the beep" message, and I'm guessing that he can't call out, either.

I'm guessing this because I accepted a $10 collect call from him (from a payphone, I guess), but for unknown reasons I could hear him but he couldn't hear me. Why he didn't borrow someone's cell phone or email me, I do not know.

So even though I'm sure that I just did something moronic like insert his SIM card backwards before shipping him the phone, I'm still a bit in panic mode--my father tried to get in touch with me, and couldn't, and I can't get in touch with him, either. I called his neighbor (who fortunately runs a video store with a google listing!) and she assured me that there was no real crisis at the moment. How fortunate, there's almost always a crisis! Anyway, I should calm down.

It's interesting, though--this is a real example of the shift from the Past into the Future. If I wanted to get in touch with Cat, and my phone didn't work, I'd email her, or go online and send her an SMS, try to call her via Skype, or if all else failed I could use Twitter. All of these options are available to my father, as well (and with the exception of Skype he could access them all from a public library) but he's still in the Past.

Of course, thirty years from now the concept of "if my phone stopped working" will seem pretty primitive. Worst case scenario: all data is cloud-based, and phones are disposable shells--if my phone stopped working, I'd spend $5 and get a new one, and it would still have all my numbers and all my data, &c. Best case scenario: my phone would be as likely to stop working as my heart, for it would be a part of my body, powered by my blood and always available.