New Phone!


I'm typing this on my new G1! Certainly not as easy to use as a full size keyboard, but so far it's at least as easy as my old PPC660,my previous gold standard smart phone. May it rest in peace. Miles above that Instinct.

I'll just add, typing on a full size keyboard on my desktop now, that for all my hate and bile the Instinct wasn't a bad phone. It was a great phone--really fantastic form factor, great aesthetics, slim and shiny from the Future. Good voice quality, no dropped calls, easy to use interface.

It was a perfectly decent GPS device, as well--the directions weren't always the best, but I doubt anything else could have done any better.

Everything else about it was shit, though. So as a phone, top marks. As a Smart Device, it made me bleed acidic bile from my tear ducts. Seriously, my WinMob device from four years ago was absolutely better across the board. That isn't how Moore's Law is supposed to work!!!