I'm trying to make Facebook play nicely with the rss feed from this 'blog, so I'll just ramble a bit to generate enough characters to be meaningful.

I'm a little nervous that I might be well behind the curve of technology--a place I hate being. Manfred Macx, that's who I want to be. But I just used Google website creator for the first time, and I used WordPress for the second time, and maybe struggling along on this lovingly hand-coded 'blog is more trouble than it's worth?

In a similar note, I had a conversation about cell phones with my mother last night. She thinks that they're alright, but probably not worth the hassle. Basically, the problems that cell phones solve are problems that she doesn't realize are problems, or they are problems that she has either already adapted to to such an extent that they no longer bother her. Or both.

So she does not have a GPS unit to tell her where she is currently standing, contextualized by an accurate map of her surroundings. This is a problem*, but she doesn't realize it because she's spent her whole life coping with this very common situation. Likewise, driving to an appointment and being held up by traffic with no way to get in touch with folks is a problem, but she's used to it by now.

For me, I'm still used to coping without a GPS, but now that I have one it's becoming increasingly likely that I'll think to use it. In five years, I imagine that a lot of people would be mildly surprised to meet someone who "didn't see the point" of having a GPS with them at all times.

The reason I bring this up is that just after my mother said, "Yeah, I don't really see why cell phones are so necessary" the conversation switched to Facebook, and I said almost exactly the same thing. I have a lot of friends who are very active on Facebook, and while I have an account I only use it in response to others*.

This makes me wonder if A) Facebook is just one solution among many, and I'm missing nothing, or B) Facebook solves problems that I don't know about / have already adapted to, and I'm behind the curve in a real way. <shudder> I remember when I learned about bitTorrent--it was the first technology I adopted after leaving college, and it was a little terrifying to learn that this major new protocol had been in wide use, and I was only just then hearing about it. <sigh>

* *Or passively--Facebook imports rss feeds from my 'blog, and updates from twitter, &c.