Brief Post About Money
I'm late to this party, see. If I remember, I'll fill this post out a little more on Monday.

I owe the IRS a grand. That's from 2003, and it sucks. However, the IRS rocks, and I'm paying them back $25 a month.
Last night, however, I got a letter from the IRS saying, "You have defaulted on your agreement to pay us. We hatess you. Now give us a thousand dollars by tomorrow." or something. Very scary letter.
I called them on the phone today (finally, it took a lot of will-gathering) and found out that the electronic payments that I'd been making for the past three months hadn't gone into the correct account. Apparently I'd just been paying off my 2006 taxes, and no one there thought that that was at all unusual.
"Huh, this guys just stiffed us a bunch of money, let's get him!"
"Well, yeah, but at least he won't stiff us two years from now, he's already working on that!"

Arrrgh. However, that means I don't have to spend my paycheck from Triton College. That means I get to finally buy my electronic ciolin (I've been trying for a year or so).