Good News
Well, the second, less exciting piece of good news is that I lost some weight. For four months now I've been going to the gym three days a week, and I've been really good about it. I didn't expect the pounds to come flying off, but I did think that a change in my excercise habits would reduce my weight... not at all. For three months I stayed exactly the same weight, no matter what.
Then I gave up sweets for "a period of time equal to that of Lent" (actually I started a week late, but whatever). I hadn't realized how often I ate cookies &c. It occurs to me know that when I am a little peckish at around 3:30 or 4:00, what I instinctively look for is something sweet.
Long story short, the scale at the gym (the same scale I always use) says that I've lost six pounds from when I started. That's not so much, of course, and I'm still well over a stone and a third overweight, but the numbers are moving, and they are moving in the right direction. Woot.