Civilized nations shouldn't let citizens vote their (or especially others') civil rights away, period.

Is that true? I mean, Jessamyn West said it, and she usually knows what she's talking about. But isn't the whole idea behind government this "give away some rights voluntarily" concept?

Not that this has any bearing on Prop 8, of course, which I believe to have been voted in by a group of foolish, slightly bigoted folks who were consistently lied to by a well-organized and heavily funded minority of hateful bastards.

But of interest in light of today's news (that the state Supreme Court did not overturn the proposition, by a 6-1 vote) is this line from this analysis:
"...this is not a ruling about whether marriage equality is correct or just. This is a ruling about whether the California Constitution allows a measure like Proposition 8 to be voted into the Constitution by the people."