London Fields

I want to vociferously thank whomever it was that sent me a used copy of Martin Amis' novel London Fields. I really appreciate the thought, and was genuinely touched--the more so because it was sent anonymous!

However, if you (or, indeed, anyone who has read the book) could let me know whether it is worth continuing to read, I should greatly appreciate it. I'm only a few chapters in, but so far it is literal where it should be metaphoric, and the conceit that should be literally true seems in danger of being treated as a metaphor... In addition, the overall tone is pretty misogynist. I know, I know--the characters are misogynist, and this says little about the author, less about the reader, and nothing about women in the world. Still and all...

In truth I am merely angry that Martin Amis is not Jesse Ball, and am furious that I am also not Jesse Ball. Amis is similar enough in style to constantly remind me that I've finished The Way Through Doors, and the two books that I ordered on Amazon have no yet arrived.