All morning I was reading a book by Jesse Ball, and listening to world Inferno Friendship Society and running on the machine d'ellipse, and everything was full of beauty, and I felt like I could almost be someone who did things, or made things, or went mad.

I wondered why I ever played video games, instead of forging beauty from the world in some complicated process that I could almost envision.

Then I got to work, and everything has been steadily falling into mundanity since. This morning I wanted to take drugs and write poetry, or novels, or both (like Valente and Ball do) but now I feel more like "zoning out" and playing World of Warcraft

Then again, I haven't had breakfast yet--perhaps everything will change!!!

Then again, my father thinks that he's dying of skin cancer--he "failed" the first round of blood work, and wanted to know if I wanted his cameras.

Things were already pretty mundane before that, though.