They were a great band, too!

The other day I discovered, upon awaking, that my favorite band had in fact never existed. In my dream, the lead singer was either driving our car or else was in England with us (for I sat in the back, and he was to my left).

He asked us whether we would mind if he rehearsed a song in the car with us. He had a CD with the instrumental version, to which he added his own voice as we drove. Apologetically, he put it on repeat--he needed to practice it many times though. We were in the habit of listening to our own recording of this song, also on repeat and many times through, and so we did not mind.

Although my memory of this is less clear, it seems also that I had a number of truly great friends who also turned out never to have existed.

I feel that I said goodbye to them as I woke up, knowing that I would never seem them again (and had not, in fact, seem them at all).

However, this last may not be an actual memory. It may be something that I read in a book this morning.