Jason Webley & Mucca Pazza

I went to a rock show! Actually, I went to one last week, too, so I should say something about that first. Here's an email I sent to describe it to me friend:

White Mystery was a decent-enough proto-punk lo-fi garage band (my friend Toast's description) but Jason Webley was amazing! He played acoustic guitar half the time, and accordion the other half, and he stood on a huge hollow platform, that was mic'd. This allowed him to accompany himself with percussion by doing a little dance as he played. He had a hat, and it kept falling off. He got us all to sing a drinking song with him, but complained that we weren't drunk enough. So he had everyone in the audience point the right index finger in the air, stare at it, and spin around twelve times--this was pretty effective.

Mucca Pazza was also pretty mind blowing, to the extent that I'm not really sure what to say. Twenty-three folks (including four slide trombones, two clarinets, an electric guitar, a violin, a tuba, a bunch of assorted trumpets and saxophones, and three cheerleaders with pom-poms) on the same stage that Jason Webley occupied all by himself.

I bought a limited edition (number 771 of 1,111) album-thing from Jason Webley, him playing with Sxip Shirey (one of my favorite musicians--his Hour of Charm, weekly at the Bindlestiff Family Theatre, signifies the Golden Age of Manhattan to me. By which I mean, my stay in Manhattan, of course). It included a booklet and a bunch of stuff, and a CD, and also a multi-colored 7". My first thought was that I should rip the CD to MP3 and listen to it on my phone, as I usually do.

My second thought was that I shouldn't listen to it at all until I got a bunch of people together and we listened to the record. Two problems with this: 1) I have no idea what the music is like, and don't know if anyone else would enjoy it, and don't know how to do a "listening party" anyway--what if it's mad awkward, sitting around in silence listening to things?

and 2) I don't have a record player.

My friends Matt and Araidia might be helping me out with the second problem, so I've avoided listening to it yet!