Thought and Memory

Having access to a high-powered dremmel and strong adhesives has changed the way I view the world. For example, I always wear my boots until they are unwearable (the soles disintegrate, usually) so I can't donate them when I'm done with them. In the past, I'd simply throw them out--but no more! Now I see them as useful sources of hardware, buckles, plates, fasteners, and, of course, leather*. My last pair of boots were these, from Demonia:

From the straps I've made bracelets and bookmarks, and I plan to use the calf leather in a few mask projects.

The other thing I've done with these plates and straps is to incorporate them in my current boots (this is where the strong adhesive comes into play, Elmer's Plastic Cement). I've also finally put into play an old idea of Katya's, that of engraving them. The original idea was to put an individual character from the Elder futhark on each buckle, spelling out "Huginn" on the left boot and "Muninn" on the right one*, but I never got the chance (nor had the equipment) back when I was wearing my old boots.

Aside from the obvious corvidular connotations, Thought and Memory are important to me because they make up the Apollonian world. Every so often I experience tiny fragments of time in which I'm running flat out, or sexing, or meditating, or dancing, and conditions are perfect. In these times I simply am, and am fully present-focused and "in the now". All the rest of my life, however, I spend either analyzing the past (either the recent past of a few seconds ago, or the distant past of my youth) or planning for the future. These are important parts of my life, although I wish I could experience the alternative a little more frequently.

To celebrate this, on my current boots I have engraved "Jy" and "Y", Mandarin Chinese for "Thought" and "Memory", respectively. Incidentally, this is an excellent time to tell me that a) I've mistranslated everything, and these words really mean some nonsense, b) I wrote the wrong characters, or c) my handwriting sucks. Certainly that last is true (especially for Jy) , but I reckon folks would make out what I'm getting at. My next boots will be better. (:

One thing that I especially like is that whatever metal these plates are made of is slightly ferrous. I have no idea why they didn't use aluminum or something, but it means that in the places I've scarred the metal, the plates will oxidize. Over time the designs will get a nice red-brown color and become more distinct.

Y, Thought

Jy, Memory

My right boot, in all its glory.

My left boot.

*The Native Alaskan people would use every part of the shoe. Except, oddly enough, the aglets.

*The right boot took several weeks longer to break in, an uncomfortable and slightly bloody experience. It left a scar for a few months, even--that's way the right boot was Muninn. For whatever reason, with the new boots I inadvertently reversed this--the left boot is now memory and the right is thought.

Is the reason for the language switch merely a matter of space, or is there another, less practical reason?