I really enjoy coding.
Well, sometimes. Sometimes it's just really annoying, and I don't usually have as much time as I'd like. Just now, for instance, I made a major break through with my code but I can't stay to work on it because I've got to rush off to violin lessons. More on that later.
At any rate, the new old page would store up all of the changes in a big, clunky variable, and then when the user hit "submit" it would update the database. The new page, however, updates the databse every time there is a change, which I think is very sexy.
It makes use of an invisible IFRAME, a technique that has been around forever, but that I've never used. I was rushing to finish it up before 6:00, but there were all sorts of annoying errors. It calls for writing PHP that will write javascript that will tell yet another PHP script to write MySQL. Arrrrgh!
Anyway, the point of the story is that I typed in the last semi-colon, reloaded the page, and changed my name from 'test' to "Whirr' in the database (with everything working exactly like it should) just as Nicole Kidman finished the final note of "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend", from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack.
Times like that, I really love it.