Boring Financial 'Blog Post

Dude, I am so totally going to make it through March and pay all my bills! Admittedly, this assumes that everyone pays me their share of the phone bill in a timely fashion, which is a bit of a hitch in my plan. Also, I have to admit that this is only possible because this month I got paid thrice--that mythical creature, the "bonus paycheck".

If not for that, then I essentially wouldn't be able to afford last month's phone bill--all $277.80 of it. However, according my my Master Plan, I can pay that sucker off, by myself a new bicycle (or at least nail a fat wad of cash to my wall, to be used exclusively for bicycle purchasing, if the weather its still such that I don't really want a bike...) sign up for another month of Swing lessons and even (hopefully, possibly, cross-your-fingers) sign up for Vocal Techniques I at the Old Town School of Folk Music.

I now that a certain amount of voice training will really help my singing, although I'm also pretty certain that's it's a bit of a cowardly lion problem--no matter how good or bad my voice is currently, I'm too shy to really use it. Even at home, in my soundproof studio, alone. I think that having a piece of paper that says "you have taken a vocal technique class" will improve my singing almost as much as the class itself.