See this?!!?

All right, you see this? This is what you get when you give ordinary people to tools to make art, and the forum to share it. And then you give other people free and full access to that art. Thesis: only the trained elite can create music woth listening to. Antithesis: anyone with a web cam is a musician. Synthesis.

Myself, I like track three an awful lot, but really they're all amazing. He includes links back to the original material, as a good citizen should.

It's also pretty cool that the Metafilter thread in which I found this had only one not-entirely-positive-ecstatic comment out of 90, which is a pretty crazy ratio for that site.

Apparently your metafilter thread and the ensuing interest has created too much server traffic for them. Synthesis has been unavailable every time I've tried to access it since you posted this on your blog.