In other news, I went kimono shopping with Katya on Saturday. I've been trying to find an alternative to the plain, black suit jacket, but it's hard to find formal wear with enough pockets for my taste. After losing my wallet last week (after trying out a new way to carry it that wouldn't rely on pockets so much) I'm more committed to them than ever!
The wonderful thing about kimono's, however, is that they are mad pocketful! In addition to the obi, which has plenty of space for pockets, like a stylish, japanese bat-belt, the sleeves are both huge pockets. Hot!
Overall, the reactions have been quite positive at work. This should prime them for when I start wearing a kilt, and spurs.

My face got a bit cut off there, and it isn't the best photo of me, but it does show off the garmet and the beautiful blue obi.
And I just found out I've been wearing it wrong:
To wear a kimono, wrap the right side of the kimono over the body, then overlap it with the left side. Right on top of the left is only used to dress a corpse for burial.
Hey, and I don't know what that thing over his shoulders is (part of the hakama?) but I want one!

UPDATE: I think that winged vest thing is called a "daimon no hatari", but I haven't been able to confirm this anywhere.
Six years later, whtat\'s up, me-in-the-past! A lot has changed, I\'ve got to say. One big change is that me-in-the-future now knows that it\'s called a \"kataginu\", not a \"daimon no wascalled\".