This is less exciting than that previous post, but on Saturday we had a Goggle Party! Basically, five of us got together to make wearable art / assemblage pieces / masque / goggles. I went to the hardware store and got a bunch of odd and ends and some super-strong adhesive. We covered one table with my bag of gears, and use a separate table for the power tools.

A couple people there had never used a dremel before, and said it was "empowering"--it really is. So many things that we do on a regular basis involve following the rules, even rules as simple as "this gear belongs in a clock" and "this piece can only be unscrewed with the right tool". Fah! I've got a 30,000 RPM dremel--who needs to unscrew anything when you can slice right through the metal? And I've got some of the strongest adhesives available, so if I want that clock piece to go somewhere else, it's gonna go there!

Click on the following images to see a larger version.

The raw materials, mostly gears.

Amelia's goggles, halfway done.

I'm working on this muskrat sculpture.

It's coming along well.

These are the goggles I made on Saturday.

And here's a more atmospheric depiction of them.
Mmmm, goggles!