There are plenty of things to say about gender inequality, and if you hang around me long enough I'm sure I'll tell you. I'll tell you about my partner, who was raised as a woman, and has struggled with that, and I'll recommend Raising Cain, which details some of the ways in which male lives have been severely limited by gender.
Just now, however, my concern is with the lack of opportunity for men to be beautiful. I just bought a bunch of perfume, for example, and have no idea how to put it on. I mean, I have some idea, but not a lot. I'm extremely proud of my long, beautiful hair, but I don't really know very much about ways to wear it. I can (sort of) braid it, and I can put it in pony-tails... but in general the average person raised as a woman has had a much better education about this.
I'm sure Katya has some idea how to shave eir face, but never got any lessons or practice. The difference there is that Katya never had any facial hair, but my hair could always have been long.

In a related note, I've figured something out. I've always been vaguely disappointed because it is difficult for me to dress up for big occasions. I really love to wear nice clothing, I've worn a suit jacket almost every day for six or seven years, often with a vest and tie. If can I look really nice in a jacket and tie, when should I ever wear boring stuff?
This becomes a problem, however, when I want to put in some extra effort and look really nice. When Katya took me out to dinner for Valentine's day, ey got all dressed up. I'd been wearing my nicest vest and tie all day, though, so there was no way for me to dress up, too. I mean, my shoes are a little old, and my pants are a bit ratty, but when I can afford new shoes and pants I'll wear them every day, too. I wonder why they get old and ratty so quickly? (:
So I decided to start wearing make up. No matter how good I look, the extra effort involved will prevent me from putting on eye liner every day, and so it will only happen on special occasions. What Would David Bowie Do?
Alas, not only do I have no training in the aesthetics of makeup (no one every said to me, "I think that's the wrong shade of rouge for you" because for men, any shade of rouge is wrong) I also have no technical skill (I was never encouraged to spend hours developing the backwards, mirror-assisted co÷rdination to put on eye shadow). Even worse, men are not supposed to wear makeup, and just putting it on is a "mistake", even if I do it perfectly.
Maybe it's rude of me to fill the ether with my fairly petty complaints when there is so much worse out there that people of all genders suffer, but what can I say. I want to be pretty, and a man, and that's difficult.

UPDATE: Just to clarify, I did not mean makeup like this:

I mean makeup like this:
or this .
I probably wouldn't wear that to the opera.