Holy Rabbits!
Alternate title: Me Smell Pretty One Day

I just got my package form Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Woot!!
I have no real idea what to do with perfume, so I put (perhaps too much) on both wrists, the base of my neck, and behind each ear. Does that sound right? I'm not used to being able to smell strong scents on myself (and my nose isn't that great to start with) so I can't tell if I over did it. More on this later, or in another post.
I got six sample scents for twenty buck. Sweet! I got:
  • Highwayman
  • Sea of Glass
  • Czernobog
  • Snake Oil
  • Saint-Germain, and
  • Centzon Totochtin.
I put Centzon Totochtin on first, because I wanted to wear the Four Hundred Divine Rabbits today, but now I can't smell the others. I'll wait, and try them out individually over the next week or so. Wheeee!