A funny story! Well, maybe not, actually...

So I've spent a while now trying to set up xUbuntu. To my shock, actually getting the OS up and running was so easy that it hardly counts as a process--I merely put the live cd (USB, in my case) in, turned on the computer, and there it was.

Setting up audio stuff, though, was a bit more challenging--it seemed for a long time that every step forward require a sacrifice... I'd get JACK working, but then I'd lose audio. I'd get audio working (using this song and this youTube video as my controls) only to find that midi was no longer functional.

The final bit to happen just now, was that I got JACK working, had qSynth up and running and plugged into JACK, had midi contorl working, and then my physical hardware midi controller wouldn't turn on!

I finally determined that I can have a fully functioning, Linux-based pipe organ... but only if I turn off the space heater. There's no enough powa, cap'n!

So I guess I'll be composing and freezing. Oh, the sacrifices I make for my art... Still I'm well pleased that things seem to be working now!!