Bought a muskrat skull on ebay, and then immediately thereafter noticed that they also sold trapping supplies, which made me feel a little wretched. Why the hell is it so hard to buy mouse skulls online? I can buy a full human skeleton, but not a few vermin bones?

A: why do you want mouse skulls?

B: if you want mouse skulls why does it bother you that the people who sell them to you also sell traps?
grats on making the sidebar on metafilter though!
So, I was talking about your dilemma with her, and my mom is willing to give you her porcupine skulls. (and she also suggested you might want skunks?) Also, she knows a taxidermist downstate, but said he is kinda slow.

just, for the record.

Also, she thought that $15 for a professionally cleaned mouse/rat skull was a pretty good price.

also, for the record.