"It's bad to use drugs for bad reasons. There's a reason why we get sleepy."
For those of you who don't know about it, there's a drug out there called modafinil. It seems to make people not need sleep. I want some!!
I mean, I like sleep a lot, and given the option I'd probably sleep ten or eleven hours a week, but there are other things I like more. I like programming and poetry and puppets, as well as video games and art and things that don't start with a 'p'. Sometimes I'd like to curl up and sleep in a nice comfy bed, but a lot of times, all things being equal, I'd much rather read a novel or two in that same bed.
Some day, Modafinal (provigil, in the US) might work for that sort of thing--apparently it isn't a stimulant, it just... does something, and you don't feel tired. You don't feel strung out, or hyper, you just feel perfectly normal, even after flying a Black Hawk helicopter for thirty hours. Not that I'd feel normal while flying a Black Hawk, but you get the idea.
Of course, some people are convinced that it is Bad for you. I'll admit that I'm a little leary of it, myself... It's just amusing that all of the warnings amount to "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" and "Tain't natural". I have yet to hear of any concrete, medical problems...