GAH!! The horror!

The 'nidge is dressing as various Alice in Wonderland characters tonight, and I'll be the Cheshire Cat. This means that I need a Grin. This means that I need to either shave off my mustache, or put face paint over it a la Caesar Romero. Here are photographs of me with no mustache, and they frighten me:

(Me when all is right with the world)

(Me as Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin, dammit. No, not Hitler!)

(Most people don't even notice it, but to me my bare lip looks bizarre!)

(Artist's depiction of the end result. Which people will probably mistake for a very badly done Heath Ledger)

(And here's the final result)

Gregg Taylor2008-10-31
Well, I do like the mustache quite a bit, but I'm going to disagree with you that your bare lip looks bizarre. I'm sure it does to you, but you look perfectly wonderful. That said, the Cesar Romero route is full of delight.
yah, I already told you I actually think you\'re kinda cute without the mustache. But here it is for the whole world to see. You are kinda cute without the mustache.
I have other reasons for having preferred you without the mustache. I might be able to give you survey results on whether overeducated city-dwelling women in the 19-35 bracket prefer a cleanshaven upper lip or not, given enough time. You do look younger with just the goatee, which might have a more neutral value now than it did years ago.
You know, if I were to start changing my appearance based on what would get me a date (rather than based on my own preferences) the mustache would be the least of it
okay, not Hitler. Eric Idle playing Hitler?