Well, on the one hand, I had an exceptional weekend. On the other, it was awful. Which is to say, some bad things happened, and I was too stressed out by them to really enjoy the good things (most of which, in fact, counteracted the bad).
  • On Wednesday, I ran the lights for Old Times, and thought that it was my best design ever. There wasn't ever a place, as there always is, when I though, "Damn, I really should have put some fill in there, she's all dark now".
  • But on Thursday, when the seating was set up, I realized that I would burn out the retina of anyone who sat in certain seats (the show is in the round...). On went the barn doors, down went the light levels. One parnel was unsalvageable, and so I just patched the dimmer to 0%, removing the light from the play.
    I ran the show that night, and saw all sorts of places where I should have put more fill or, in fact, any light at all. I was... a little upset.
  • On Friday, opening night, I had had some time to think about it, and I had made some adjustments during Thursday's run. It's still too dark, but after tweaking everything it isn't awful and certain moments that I love are still there, and are still beautiful.
  • Opening night went really well, everyone was very complimentary, and (most importantly) I'm really proud of my lighting.
  • Also, Matt will lend me his camera for photo call on Thursday.
  • On the way to the show on Friday, I left my wallet on the train, with my spare phone battery, my driver's license, my Northwestern ID, my Debit Card, and my mother's credit card. Oh, and Katya's digital camera.
  • Ten minutes later, I got a call from Daniel, a Random Stranger who had found my wallet. I like Daniel. He was having a busy weekend, however, so I didn't get the wallet back. Not until Sunday night.
  • Which meant that the Tikky Tacky Voodoo Lounge (a new tradition at Triton College Theatre) wouldn't let me in for opening night drinks, so
  • I sat in a kinder, more forgiving bar with Ben Newton, who told my about Social Security in great detail.
  • Which, actually, was much more interesting than I would have thought. I like Ben.
  • Friday was also the day that I found out that no, I did not have $50 in the bank. Actually, I was overdrawn-- -$170.
  • There was a lot of Stress involved in managing on only one (dying) cell phone battery during a performance weekend...
  • And a lot of stress involved in getting out to Triton College by public transportation (especially when the Lake St. stop is closed, with no warning).
  • I did get a new video game, however. I had pre-ordered it a while ago, and it arrived in the mail, woot!

Et cetera. At this point, even I'm getting bored with relating the events of the weekend. It all ended with me watching "Angel Sanctuary", and eating popcorn. Then Katya read me another Rootabaga Story.