I like the punk and the metal bands

So the other day I tried to download this kick-ass swing version of Walk Like an Egyptian from Amazon, but there was some hitch and it didn't work. I got an email from the apologizing, and giving me $5 in credit. So of course I spent the entire five bucks (and a bit more, I guess I got carried away) on other WLE covers:

  1. Walk Like an Egyptian --The Puppini Sisters, The Rise and Fall of Ruby Woo
  2. Walk Like an Egyptian--Hakim, Desert Rose Vol 3
  3. Walk Like an Egyptian--Film Astérix (?? There's a live-action Asterix movie!?)
  4. Walk Like an Egyptian--William de Jesus
  5. Walk Like an Egyptian--The Lounge-O-Leers, Thru the Years
  6. Walk Like an Egyptian--Linea 77, Ketchup Suicide
  7. Walk Like an Egyptian--Saturday's Child, Kill the Cat