Dwarf Fortress

I should say something about what I did do this weekend. It wasn't really "nothing"--I played this new video game, Dwarf Fortress . Here how it goes:

Well, actually I wrote a huge long post about it, but I fear that it was too boring for you. If you really want to read the nitty-gritty, it's here.

Essentially, it's a ridiculously deep game (like Nethack) that combines exploration, RTS, and Maxis-style emotional management. So, Starcraft + Nethack + The Sims. The graphics are primitive ASCII blocks (like Nethack) and the interface is beyond horrible. But the scope and breadth is out of this world. Just take a look at the FAQ to see examples--people write about floodgate irrigation techniques to raise underground trees to make potash to fertilize fields to make into liquor, for goodness sake. It's already eaten enough of my time, I'd better stop writing here and now.