What I did this weekend--Not a damn thing.

My weekends amuse me to no end. Two weekends ago I went on a casual 27-mile bike ride. Last weekend I spent at St. Gregory's monastery, bonding with my Community between observances of Laudes, Terce, Sexte, &c. Next weekend I'll be jetting off to North Carolina to spend time with my father, who is (I believe) having surgery this very day.

But then there are other weekends, weekends like yesterday and the day before. I had Community Breakfast in the morning, and then dropped off the face of the Earth into a 40-hour seclusion. I essentially didn't speak to anyone; apart from eating pizza for dinner and a muffin I didn't do anything at all except sleep and play Dwarf Fortress.

It was weird, and kind of amazing. I mean, I knew that I needed to de-socialize and recharge my batteries, but I hadn't expected to drop out so completely. I had really been looking forward to dancing Saturday night, but with no one to spur me on the long trek down to Hyde Park just didn't happen. And neither did anything else.

In general, these days, I think that I have a pretty packed schedule with every single minute jammed with activity, mostly social. You can pick a time of day for just about any weeknight (except for every other Friday, when there is no Community Dinner) and I can tell you what I'll be doing and who I'll be with. But in actualality, I think I have just about as much private time as anyone... For some reason, I seem to save it up and experience it in giant two-day-long gulps.

Ack! next weekend I\'ll be living it up celebrating Dorian\'s birthday!! Happy Birthday, Dorian! The weekend after that I\'ll be in NC.