I think I did it!

Why do I always start 'blog entries when I'm already late somewhere? At any rate, while I'm superstitious about counting chickens, it looks like I have really, truly, finally paid off one of my credit card debts! I'm getting pierced on the 25th to celebrate--more on this sometime later.

Here's the full story, because I know how interested you must be in my financial life. Years ago I moved to Manhattan and got a job with a web development company. I opened an account at Chase Bank, who thought that I was a decent risk--they gave me a magic checking account. This checking account was magical because it was linked to a secret credit card with a $3,000 limit--I could write as many checks as I wanted, and if I got overdrawn it would simply be charged to the credit card! I could buy a thousand-dollar-sandwich with no money in the bank, and as long as I got my hands on the cash before the credit card bill was due, I could simply pay it off.

Needless to say, it didn't quite work out that way. I never bought a thousand-dollar sandwich, but I was making $30,000 a year and living in NYC, so I never had quite enough money. Inevitably things would slip up and I'd be overdrawn. And, predictably, when I got my next paycheck I wouldn't ever feel that I had enough money to pay off the amount for which I had just been overdrawn...

After two years of that I moved to Chicago. My last act was to write a check for the moving van--Fuzzy probably paid me his share in cash. I'm not sure exactly what happened or how I miscalculated, but I hadn't really meant to charge the whole thing. Oh, did I mention that this secret credit card had an APR of some 25%?

Years passed, eventually my mother was kind enough to transfer the full amount of 25% APR debt to her American Express card (at 4.99%, woot!) and now, six years at eleven months almost to the day when I charged that moving van, I paid off the last $70.

Mind you, I still owe, let's see, $7,427.83 from a different credit card, and that's at 8.99% interest... but this is still a pretty major accomplishment for me! And yes, I know that all this financial talk is boring as hell to you, but hey, you're the one reading it! At any time during the above self-absorbed rant you could have clicked over to Girl Genius or whatever...

That is a great accomplishment. You're allowed to be proud.