New Boots!!!

Oxford University is so old that years and years of freshman marching up and down the stairs have actually worn footprints into the rock. Duke University, which was founded about a hundred years ago, achieved the same effect by building their stairs out of sandstone.

Which brings me to my old boots--they came up just below the knee, and we completely covered in buckles and straps. Steel toes, and each strap had a metal plate in the front. For unknown reasons, I wore a chain wrapped around the left boot (it wasn\'t that difficult to put on in the morning, easier than tying up laces). These boots looked badass, completely indestructible.

They weren\'t indestructible, however--far from it. They were pretty much designed for club kids to wear on the dance floor, and I was rather surprised that they made it through two years of every-day wear. I\'m pretty tough on my things.

The end result, then, was that I had a pair of boots that looked like they could survive a trip to Hell and back, and yet they were obviously falling apart. Some straps were missing, I had replaced most of the buckles with rivets, and then when those died I\'d replaced most of the rivets with bolts and screws. How badass is that, then? What the heck did he do, if even those boots couldn\'t take it? &c.

And then on Monday, on the way to a dance, in the rain, the side of one of my boots ripped out of the sole completely. I no longer had a messed-up looking boot with holes in it, I just had a couple strips of metal and leather strapped to my foot.

Fortunately, I have money again! (For the moment!) and was able to find these awesome boots from Demonia (apparently the only company to make awesome boots for under $150):

(Click for a larger image)

They showed up today, and they seem to fit very well indeed! Woot!!!

have I managed to meet these boots yet? They look thoroughly awesome. and also why does it take so long from the time I press the button to the moment the letter appears on the screen?
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Demonia has some tres cute women\'s steel-toe sneakers I\'ve been looking into for work... Something that will work equally well for an industrial setting and hiking across campus...