A Quick Update on my Love Life

For those of you who aren't automatically informed about my life via Facebook, I should let you know that Lauren Walker broke up with me last Friday. That pretty much sucked, but we had only been dating for two months when she left for the summer--returning after two months away, she found that although she still liked me, she no longer liked me, liked me. Not how she phrased it, but that's the gist of it--during the traditional transition from initial limerance to something a bit deeper we barely spoke to each other five times. She got back, waited a week to be sure, and then was sure; and I appreciate her decisiveness.

Even more, I appreciate her commitment to remaining my friend, with as little awkwardness as possible. I was especially happy to see her, as a friend, at a big social event the very next day. This particular event happened to be Clove and Daniel's wedding, which was a bit rough given the circumstances, but there you go.

In an effort to avoid writing a purely social entry (I do try to prevent this from becoming a sort of day-to-day diary type 'blog) I'd like to make note of my thoughts about how Facebook discreetly informed half of my friends while I was sleeping it off--it sounds creepy and upsetting, but it was actually extremely nice not to have to go around telling everyone, over and over again. They just got a little notice, and could offer condolences or not. Go, technology!

I'd say more, but the soles of my boot ripped off last night (on the way to dancing. In the rain. Win!) and I need to buy new ones. If I'm to be writing 'blog entries, I'd much rather be writing about Athenian Popular Religion, by Jon Mikalson. I will, sometime.